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Tree trimming is the process where we carefully clip branches of the tree to shape it in a way that is healthy for the tree.
It’s a process that reduces the risk of wasted branches and energy in trees. This is important for keeping them healthy and maintaining their vitality.
Tis can be a huge deal with the lifespan and appearance of a tree, as well as its likelihood of developing rot or dying off. The healthier a tree, the more resilient and beautiful it will be.

Why get tree trimming?

Some of the branches on a tree grow underneath the canopy, which makes them hard to use – they’re not getting any sunlight!

When we trim them, we allow the tree to focus on the branches above that catch the light and keep the tree healthy. Trimming helps shift the energy to these branches and reduces the risk of death and decay – this energy helps trees fight off infection, too, maintaining their lustre and vitality.

The tree trimming process

Tree trimming is all about knowing what to trim and how – and we’re trained and experienced in making the most of each trim.

It’s not just about clipping off some branches – it comes from an intricate knowledge of how trees work and what the need to live long, healthy lives. We take the time to get to know your tree and decide what to trim.

It allows us to control the growth of the tree in a healthy way that just happens to make your trees look great!
If your trees need some upkeep to support their health, give us a call and get in touch. We are experienced with both personal and corporate properties – as well as covering every kind of tree you can think of.

Get in touch today to discuss your tree needs and what we can do to get your trees looking and living better! 
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