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Tree lopping is all about the big changes to trees that completely revolutionise what they look like and the role they play in your yard.

This also includes what most people like to call tree surgery. We remove whole limbs and significant portions of trees to ensure they’re safe, don’t come into contact with property, and to help do things like raise the canopy of your trees.

How tree lopping can benefit your home

Tree lopping is a versatile process that allows us to make complete changes to the way a tree looks and the role it plays in your garden.

This is a beautifying process with amazing practical applications – and the two go together perfectly to keep your home safe and add real value. It could be clearing up your bedroom views, reducing the risk of off-shoot limbs getting dangerous, or just adding headroom to your yard.

Tree lopping steps

Tree lopping is a bigger job than standard trimming and could involve climbing the tree and/or involving specialist equipment.

However, there’s no standard template for every job: it’s all about the individual tree and the circumstances under which we’re lopping!

The safety demands are higher and the time could also be more significant. We perform a full analysis of the tree and the surroundings before figuring out the best approach, ensuring proper coverage of your property from risks and management of tree limbs after we’re done.
If you’re looking for qualified tree experts for your own tree lopping, get in touch with us today and we can discuss the specific needs of your trees and begin the process of completely changing your yard.

There’s no obligation, and we’d be happy to discuss the specifics over the phone before we even get involved. 
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