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Stump Removal Bendigo

Tree stumps are a real hassle and that’s why we offer an expert stump removal process.

Stumps pose real problems because they’re stubborn and their rotting can cause fungal infections in your yard, as well as inviting in pests like termites which shelter in their dead wood.

Stump removal involves grinding down and removing the whole stump, allowing the roots to decay, and clearing up your yard with minimal sign the stump was ever there!

Why would you get a stump removed?

There are a ton of reasons to remove a stump:

• It doesn’t look good in your yard
• It ruins the level of the ground
• It’s getting infected or rotting
• The breakdown of the wood is causing damage to nearby plants or decorations
• It’s harbouring pests like termites
• It’s preventing you from taking up renovations in the yard

There are others, but these are the main reasons we’ve been removing stumps all these years. They’re all perfectly valid reasons to want some help and, as qualified arborists with experience grinding and removing stumps, we’re on-hand to solve your stump problems.

How to remove a tree stump?

The removal process depends on the stump itself and what state of decay it’s in – as well as where it’s positioned relative to your home and yard.

The process usually involves grinding down the majority of the dead tree, ensuring that there’s no stump above-ground. From here, we treat it to ensure the roots break down in a way that is healthy for your yard.

We also make sure the mess from this process is cleared up when we leave and reduce the impact of the process on your yard – we want it to look as beautiful as possible!
If you’ve got a stump that needs removing, or any tree care service needs, we’ve got all the expertise and equipment you could hope for. Give us a call today – we’d love to hear about your situation and what we can do to make your yard all yours once again!
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