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Pruning is the process of trimming trees for the purpose of aesthetics: improving the way they look and helping change their appearance to suit your yard and home.

We can do everything from tidying up unkempt trees to wholesale shaping and design of trees to better-fit your garden and overall aesthetic. We’ve got the experience and equipment to make this kind of job simple and effective – breathing new life into old trees.

You’ll be surprised at just how much difference tree pruning can make – delivering subtle changes that add up to a great first impression from your yard.

Why get tree pruning?

Because it looks better.

Pruned trees maintain a strong sense of shape and also grow more evenly across remaining branches to help maintain that shape as they grow over time. After the first pruning, you’re not likely to see deviation from shape for a while, making it an easy way to control the appearance of your trees and whole yard.

This is a great way to give off a great impression in a ‘tidy’ yard, or just tidying up stray branches and offshoots in a ‘wilder’ yard. Whatever look you’re going for, pruning is a great way to change how your trees look and add some serious style to your garden.

The Tree Pruning Process

The tree pruning process – like tree trimming – is a simple idea of clipping branches, but with the specific expertise to know what is important and how to prune for the best results.

We get familiar with the specific tree and its history, we discuss the kind of shapes and changes you’re looking for, then we get to work shaping the tree by clipping specifically-chosen branches to change its overall appearance.

We also remove al of the waste wood afterwards to ensure that your yard is clean, tidy, and there’s no risk of dead-wood infestations. The result is a tidy, beautiful yard with a tree that takes pride of place!
If your trees have seen better days and could do with pruning, you can get in touch with Tree Removal Bendigo today for a consultation with no obligation.

Just give us a call and we can discuss the specifics of your job – whether personal or commercial – and let’s set the best possible impression your property! 
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